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Impact & Portfolio

Our Targeted Impact

Our investees have the ability to provide positive immediate and long-term impact in their target communities and markets through their businesses. These enterprises enable the people of underserved and marginalized communities to benefit as consumers of improved products and services, as employees in responsible businesses, and as owners and operators themselves. Within the agriculture, energy and waste management sectors, our investees are re-making markets and allowing underserved communities to capture greater value from the local economy.

Our Investment Objectives

Agriculture: We create more responsible and sustainable food and crop systems that assist farmers in weathering climate change and retaining profits.


Waste and Circular Economy: We alleviate the challenges of effective urban waste management critical to the vitality, health and growth of a city.


Energy: We capitalize on technological innovations to enable underserved populations to embrace and benefit from clean and renewable energy solutions that strengthen their livelihoods.

Portfolio Highlights

Investments made with patient capital:


S3IDF defines patient capital as risk-tolerant investments we make in early-stage enterprises to realize significant social impact and to catalyze inclusive economies.

Increase in household level income (91% of jobholders' surveyed are women)
# of Jobs Created (Direct and Indirect)
GHGe reduced due to products sold (millions of kg)

Our Portfolio