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Energy (Livelihood and Productive Use)

Operating Regions

India (Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Uttarkhand, and Uttar Pradesh)

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Investment Vehicle

Convertible Note

Compulsory Convertible Preference Shares


E-Hands Energy

E-Hands Energy, an India-based renewable energy company, believes in extending access to clean, sustainable and affordable energy to all. Dedicated to generating extensive positive social and environmental impact, E-Hands Energy harnesses both wind and solar power and partners with renewable energy manufacturers, leading NGOs, like-minded corporate entities, and financial and educational institutions. Examples of its work include solar-powered rural banking, renewable energy grids, and solar lighting products for border areas, rural homes, schools, and microfinance companies. 

S3IDF selected E-Hands Energy as one of our first investments because of its ambitious mission, strong governance, and demonstrated capacity to generate targeted impact. Beginning with convertible debt and later investing through a compulsory convertible preference share agreement, E-Hands Energy continues to strengthen its internal operations, as well as expand its decentralized solar and wind installations, which address the energy and livelihood needs of rural and traditionally underserved populations.