We invest in high impact,
early-stage startups to
combat climate change,
poverty, and gender inequality


We invest in high impact
early-stage enterprises to
improve lives and livelihoods
in underserved communities
in India.

What Drives Us

We believe the full potential of impact investing has yet to be realized. By adjusting return expectations and investing in enterprises just beyond the start-up phase, we catalyze inclusive economies.

How We Work

We invest in entrepreneurs who demonstrate capacity for growth and passion for change. We prioritize supporting those who mirror our drive for a more equitable, economically empowered world.

Moving the Sector Forward

As investors pushing the sector forward, we are constantly educating ourselves. We’ve compiled thought-provoking articles, blogs and presentations to share.

Impact & Portfolio

With an emphasis on the waste, agriculture, and circular economy sectors, our entrepreneurs are disrupting markets, creating climate solutions, and improving lives and livelihoods.