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Cherries Engineering and Innovation


Livelihoods, Waste Management

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India (Karnataka)

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Cherries Engineering and Innovation India Private Limited

Cherries Engineering and Innovation India Private Limited’s mission is to eradicate manual scavenging through the use of safe and effective technology. Although manual scavenging has been illegal in India for years, the lack of suitable technology means that sanitation workers are still forced to empty fecal sludge from septic tanks, manholes, and leach pits by hand. This work, which is extremely dangerous, underpaid, and stigmatized is often carried out by women and others from marginalized communities.

Cherries Engineering is developing two portable, battery-operated machines that will allow sanitation workers to carry out their work without coming into direct contact with human waste. These machines will result in better working conditions and reduced health complications and mortality rates among workers, while also offering important opportunities for increased asset-ownership and income generation.

S3IDF’s early stage investment in Cherries Engineering will allow them to scale impact through capacity building at a critical juncture, including manufacturing and distribution of technology and increased engagement with sanitation workers.