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How We Work

What We Look For

We invest in those who demonstrate the capacity for growth and passion for change. Recognizing our value to investees extends beyond our financial support, we look for those entrepreneurs who mirror our drive for a more equitable, economically empowered world.

Investment Criteria

Early Stage

Generate revenue and focus on driving operations toward profitability or, if already profitable, toward expansion and initial growth

Market Re-Makers

Ensure that those most affected by our climate crisis and are systemically restricted from participating in the economy are formally integrated into solutions

Social & Environmental Impact

Measure and demonstrate how they benefit poor or otherwise marginalized communities through quality-of-life or livelihood improvements

Indian Operations

Are registered or intending to register under Startup India, or registered in the US and operating in India

Technological Use

Leverage technology to expand or deepen social or environmental impact

Financial Requirements

Require between $25,000 – $100,000 USD in investment capital

The sectors of focus include:


Agricultural value capture for farmers, laborers, or others in off-farm processing


Clean energy with productive-use applications

Waste and Circular Economy

Waste management with benefits for waste workers

Pitch to Us

We only invest in a very limited number of the businesses that apply to us every year.

If you are interested in receiving financing from S3IDF please fill out the form. If we want to know more we’ll request a meeting (virtually or in-person depending on where you are).