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Green Worms


Livelihoods, Waste, Circular Economy 

Operating Regions

India (Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Odisha, Pondicherry UT, Tamil Nadu, Telangana)

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Green Worms

Founded in a small village in Kerala in 2014, Green Worms is dedicated to creating and implementing “innovative solutions for better waste management while advocating for best practices for sustaining resources.” Green Worms achieves its mission by partnering with informal waste workers and self help groups to offer a suite of services including waste pickup, recovery, and responsible recycling to local government bodies and bulk-waste generating businesses such as hospitals, hotels, and large brands. By creating and strengthening sustainable, dignified jobs in the circular economy sector, Green Worms is actively working to ensure that resources are used more effectively and efficiently throughout India. 

S3IDF recognized the impact potential of Green Worm’s model of partnering with the workers who are crucial to supporting waste management and increasing the efficiency of recycling systems but are often the most vulnerable actors in the informal sector. As one of Green Worm’s first formal investors, the capital S3IDF provided unlocked the opportunity for Green Worms to continue to grow and innovate its business model to increase social impact by better integrating waste workers into waste value chains.