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Renewable Energy, Livelihood and Productive-Use

Operating Regions

India (including Karnataka, Maharashtra, Bihar, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu)

Investment Status


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Mission & Impact

SELCO is a rural energy service company that delivers “Last Mile” sustainable energy solutions that improve quality of life and socio-economic development for the poor. SELCO uses its Energy Service Center (ESC) as the basic building block of its rural operations. Each ESC has a service territory in which it markets, sells, installs, and services SELCO’s energy services. In order to ensure the reliability and durability of systems, SELCO has devised an extensive after sales service network that includes service branches, service camps, customer care helplines, and annual maintenance contracts.

The cornerstone of SELCO’s success has been its two pronged approach of doorstep service and financing. SELCO facilitates linkages with various financial institutions in its areas of operations to offer customized financial solutions suited to the cash flows of customers. To date, SELCO has impacted over a million people. S3IDF and SELCO have been long term collaborators, working together in India since the early 2000s. The collaboration had focused on increasing affordable rural energy and other infrastructure access through effective leveraging of technological expertise and innovative customer financing structures, including using loan guarantees and equipment buy-back agreements, aimed at expanding access and increasing affordability. Examples of joint initiatives include the SELCO Incubation Centre and the Clean Energy Action Network (CLEAN), both of which were formerly housed legally under S3IDF-India. S3IDF’s investment in SELCO has helped to strengthen its operations, expanding its reach and generating impact by increasing clean energy access.