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Trek @ 10K Feet


Livelihoods, Energy, EcoTourism

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India (Uttarakhand)

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Trek @ 10k Feet

Trek @ 10K Feet is a social enterprise with the mission to enhance the livelihoods of marginalized off-road, off-network and off-grid villages throughout Western Uttarakhand, India. Situated in the heart of the Himalayas, Trek @ 10K Feet offers trekkers an immersive experience through homestays, cultural events, and specialty local cuisines. Trek @ 10K Feet supports local economic development by including community members into its trekking activities as well as its procurement supply chains by locally sourcing rajma, buransh juice and other such consumables. Together, these goods and services capitalize on the strengths of the communities along trekking routes, creating a more inclusive and robust local economies.

Trek @ 10K Feet is working in collaboration with another local social enterprise to facilitate affordable financing for investments into renewable energy and microgrids, simultaneously making local homestays more attractive to trekkers and improving energy access to underserved communities throughout Uttarakhand.

S3IDF’s investments into Trek @ 10K Feet initially helped it purchase equipment and support the development of local community solar power infrastructure and have since also enabled the social enterprise to build out market linkages for high-value consumables and manage disruptions brought about by the global pandemic and dam disaster. Trek @ 10K Feet continues scaling up its service offerings and aims to expand threefold over the next few years.