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Patrick D’Addario

Senior Financial Analyst

Russell deLucia

Innovation Director and Principal Founder

Lexi Doolittle

Social Enterprise Manager

Elizabeth Friend

Managing Director

Nitin Gopalkrishnan

Lead - Programs India

Will Knowland

Senior Energy and Environment Analyst

Michael Lesser

Finance Director and Senior Economist

Emma Marks

Research Associate

Earl Stephens

Business Operations Manager

Intellectual Partners

Samit Aich

Chief Executive Officer

Gopal B.

Assistant Manager – Finance & Compliance

Tanaji Bhimanna

Project Associate

Kavin Gokul

Project Development Officer

Avinash Krishnamurthy

Chief Program Officer

Keerthiraj Siddapura

Manager - Program Development

Shashikanth Subramanya

Assistant Manager Project Innovation

Board of Directors

Robin Brenner

Board Member and Clerk

Russell deLucia

Board Member and President

Somak Ghosh

Board Member

Michael Lesser

Board Member and Treasurer

Marco Palmieri

Board Member

Scott Sklar

Board Member


Andrew Barnett


Nikhil Desai